High Frequency

Vacuum Wood Dryer


provide proven 4-10 days finish dry perfect effect for all kinds of wood. non-cracking, non-deformation.

30+ year

After 30+ years of development and research, the wood from our drying kiln will does not crack.


HF vacuum drying time than conventional greatly reduced drying time.


Only use electricity without burning boiler, which is more environmentally friendly.


It can effectively kill the eggs in the wood and prevent the wood from decaying.

Designed for You.

Choose High frequency vacuum wood dryer machine , Save your time and money!

High frequency vacuum wood dryer is a kind of drying machine with low temperature in vacuum situation, smaller but much faster than the conventional kilns. It is suitable for all kinds of wood, from veneer/lamina/board to thick lumber, even heavy timber with large dimension.
For thin piece like veneer or floor board lamina, high frequency vacuum wood drying not only offer short drying cycle but also eliminate the problem of curve or shrink. For thick and hard wood, like Merbau,Mahogany,etc. HF wood dryer brings good drying quality with uniform moisture content, free of split or spark both on surface or inside of wood, short drying time will meet the customer’s demand for production.

1. Equipment Assembly
The equipment will be delivered to the customer by sea in a container. When the container is shipped, the workers will reinforce the equipment so that there will not be any damage in transportation; When the equipment is received, detailed installation instructions will be provided and the customer will follow up the instructions to complete the installation of the equipment. Of course, if necessary, we also provide engineers to install and teach how to use.
2. Wood Classification
After the equipment is assembled, the required wood will be classified, such as: hardwood, softwoods species classification; size specifications for classification; green lumber and old wood classification; thickness and end-use purposes, etc. for classification.

3. Pre-Testing For Moisture Content
Before drying, we test the moisture content of the prepared wood and register it; then compare it with the moisture content after drying and analyze the data.
4. Loading
Place the prepared wood on the lumber cart, put the wood into the drying kiln, adjust all the systems according to the operating instructions and start working.
5. Water Release
After a period of drying process, the water will evaporation from the wood, and then we can release the evaporation water.

6. Measure The Moisture Content
After the drying is completed, the wood is pulled out using an electricity lumber truck to test the final moisture content of each part.

If you have any questions feel free to contact an engineer for answers!

Drying wood in a vacuum kiln usually takes as little as 24 to 48 hours.

The time needed depends on the thickness of the wood and the desired MC level. For example, thinner boards will dry faster than thicker boards. The MC of green wood itself is high, and the drying time is longer than that of timber stored for a long time

Also, if you are trying to achieve a very low MC, it will take longer than if you are aiming for a more moderate level. However, vacuum kilns are very efficient, so the drying process will be much faster than other methods, regardless of the specifics.

This is one of the many reasons why vacuum kilns are becoming increasingly popular in woodworking. Once the wood is dried in a vacuum kiln, it can be used for various applications such as construction, furniture making, and sculpture.

Drying Method

Lumber drying is the process of reducing the MC of lumber. The lumber is dried so that it can be used for a variety of applications such as fuel, construction, and paper. There are three main methods of drying lumber: air drying, kiln drying, and solar drying. 

Air drying is the most common method of lumber dries. It involves stacking the lumber in a well-ventilated area where it is exposed to the air. This is the slowest, easiest, and most economical way. It can take months for the lumber to dry, so it is important to plan ahead if you use this method.

Kiln drying is a much faster method of drying wood. Load the wood in the kiln and use controllable heating and humidity to remove moisture. This method is typically used for hardwoods that need to be dried quickly to prevent cracks and warps. 

Solar drying is a low-cost method of drying wood that can be done without using any energy other than sunlight. The wood is placed in direct sunlight until it reaches the desired MC level. Solar kilns work by using the sun’s heating to remove moisture from the wood. Solar kilns take one to four weeks to dry wood, depending on weather conditions.

 Wood can also be dried using a combination of these methods. For example, air-dried wood can be load in kiln-dried to achieve the following.

Types Of Wood

Wood can be divided into hardwoods and softwoods according to their processing characteristics.


Hardwoods are mainly taken from broadleaf trees and are characterized by hard and heavy materials, high strength, natural and beautiful grain, solid texture, and durability. The common hardwoods are rosewood, walnut, ash, Quercus, red oak, camphor, boxwood, etc.

Hardwoods are generally more difficult to dry and are usually denser and harder than other types of wood. Hardwoods are often used for furniture and flooring because of their durability and strength.

They are also more troublesome to work with because they tend to crack and warp when exposed to moisture. For this reason, many woodworkers choose to vacuum kiln dry hardwoods before starting a project.

Hardwood is a wood that is known for its durability and strength. To ensure that hardwood lumber is properly dried and ready for use, it must be kiln-dried.

The vacuum also helps prevent the hardwood from bending or drying too quickly, which can lead to cracking or splitting. The entire process of vacuum kiln-dryer hardwoods takes approximately 3-5 days, depending on the thickness of the wood. Once properly dried, hardwood can be used for various applications such as flooring, furniture, cabinets, etc.

Therefore, vacuum kiln-dried hardwood is usually a worthwhile investment for those who want to create long-term projects.


Softwood is taken from coniferous trees, and this wood is characterized by smooth grain, uniform material, softwood, high resistance to corrosion, low density, and expansion and contraction deformation. And the common softwoods are red pine, white pine, fir, spruce, willow pine, horsetail pine, etc.

Softwood is also light and durable, making it an ideal material for many different products. The process of vacuum kiln drying softwood helps maintain these properties while also reducing the weight of the cork.

Vacuum kiln drying removes water from the cork cells, thereby reducing the overall weight of the cork without affecting its other properties. This process also helps to reduce the risk of mold growth, making kiln-dried vacuum cork an ideal material for a wide range of applications.

However, softwood is also very absorbent and must be properly dried before use.

Softwood can be air-dried for months, but this slow process can lead to bending and mold growth.

A vacuum kiln dryer is a more efficient method of dryer cork. A vacuum kiln-dryer usually takes two to three days, and it produces better results compared to air dryer. Therefore, vacuum kiln drying is the preferred method for preparing softwood.

Thickness Of Wood

Wood is a versatile material that can be used for various purposes. Depending on the finished product being made, the thickness of the wood varies; for example, solid wood flooring is usually 3/4″ thick, while engineered wood flooring is usually 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick, and a bookshelf may be only 12″ deep, but a dresser maybe 20″ deep.

Thicker pieces tend to be more expensive, but they also tend to be more durable. When choosing wood for a project, it’s important to consider not only the thickness, but also the type of wood and whether it’s been kiln-dried (which can make it less likely to warp or crack).

For example, softwoods such as pine are typically only 0.5 inches thick, while hardwoods such as oak can be up to 2 inches thick. When selecting wood for a project, it is important to consider the strength and stability of the finished product.

Thicker planks will be stronger and more resistant to warping, while thinner planks will be easier to work with and better suited for detailed projects. Ultimately, the best choice for any given project will depend on the specific requirements of the job.

The Pre-Existing MC Of The Wood

It‘s’ an important factor that affects the dryer process.

The average MC of freshly cut wood is between 50-60%. This means that for every 100 kg of freshly cut wood, 50-60 kg is water. Wood with higher water content takes longer to dry than wood with lower water content. Of course, different wood species have other moisture contents when they are freshly cut.

Finished solid wood furniture, flooring, cabinets, etc., require MC usually controlled at 8%-12%, and outdoor preserved wood before installation its MC control at about 13%-20% works best.

1. Country: Tanzania, Uganda Africa

Mahogany: Thickness 50-70mm, the Initial MC between 40%-50%; Target MC 8%-10%, The dryer time is 5 days

2. Location: UK

Black walnut: Thickness 75-100mm, the Initial MC between 40%-50%; Target MC 6%-8%, the dryer time is 8 days

3. Location: New York, USA

Eastern cottonwood: thickness 70mm, Initial Moisture:75%; Final Moisture:8%, the dryer time is 4 days

4. Location: Indonesia

Ash: Thickness 100mm, the Initial MC between 30-40%; Target MC 8%, the dryer time is 4 days

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Wood Drying Kiln's Key Advantages

1. Stable Wood Drying Without Defects

The wood is drying under vacuum conditions which allows the water to boil at a low temperature like 35℃,then it can be vaporized fast.Low-temperature drying solves the problems of wood cracking, deformation, and discoloration, especially for precious timber sensitive to temperature.

2. Fast Wood Drying

High-Frequency makes the wood heated from core to surface wholly and evenly, it will create a temperature gradient of internal high and external low and then vacuum pressure make water drain out very quickly. For the 8cm thick Africa rosewood from 40-50% moisture content to reach 8-10% moisture content, it only take 7 days.

3. High-Quality Wood Drying Result

High-frequency vacuum wood dryer machine is equipped with hydraulic pressure system on the top, the hydraulic pressure system supply 4-6 tons pressure on the wood stacking to prevent wood deforming and bending. We use stainless steel 304 to make the pressure plate.

4. Easy Operation

PLC control system and Pneumatic system make the machine easy to operate. It is a kind of automatic drying so there is no need for staff on duty during the drying process.

5. High-Quality High Frequency Vacuum Wood Dryer Machine

Our high-frequency vacuum wood dryer machine is made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion and rust.

6. Killing Insects & Eggs

Insects (eggs) and fungus will be killed during the drying process thoroughly, there will be no need for chemical treatments anymore.

Interested in HF Vacuum drying kiln specifications?

Apply for all wood species , also can be customized for capacity .
Vacuum Kiln Model HF Generator Power Effective Capacity Max Length Of Wood Timber Cart (mm) Container






















































Flat Rack Container

Working Principle Of Wood Drying Kiln

The high frequency vacuum dry kiln adopts high frequency medium heating and vacuum dehydration technology.

Innovatively utilizing wood as a medium, our high-frequency technology generates voltage, creating a magnetic field that accelerates water molecules within the wood, inducing rapid movement and generating heat. This unique heating method ensures even heating throughout the wood, minimizing differences in moisture content inside and outside the wood. By heating the wood at low temperatures under vacuum conditions, water vaporizes below 55°C, effectively preventing issues like cracking and bending.

How A Wood Drying Kiln Works

Our kiln also adopts vacuum dehydration technology. 
The stainless steel vacuum pump can make the vacuum oven reach -0.093Mpa condition. 
The vacuum condition is to let let water vaporized in low temperature below 55 ℃,At the same time, vacuum can also suck the wood moisture out. 
The machine cooling system will separate the hot air and hot water out, then cool them and release them out.  
Wood is drying under a vacuum and wet condition at low temperature. 
That will ensure wood is no cracks and keep the wood nature color.
High frequency vacuum dry kiln is the best choice to thick table top, veneer, thick slab, expensive wood, hardwood, veneer, beam and etc.


Working Principle & Process

High-frequency waves can penetrate wood deeply and dry wood from core to wood surface wholly and uniformly from the ever beginning. Even thick wood can also be well heated. Meanwhile, under vacuum conditions, wood moisture can be boiled at 35-50 degrees and vaporize rapidly, which can save both time and energy. And low-temperature wood drying can guarantee wood quality to avoid the crack problem. The vacuum system will suck wood moisture out due to pressure difference which double increases wood drying speed. The result of the combination is that even more than 50cm thick wood can be dried by our high-frequency vacuum wood dryer machine with uniform moisture content within two weeks. Normally Drying time for one cycle is 7-12 days.

Helping You Solve Kiln-Dried Wood Problems

Warping, Cracking After Drying Process

Compared with conventional steam kiln, high frequency is a kind of directly heating, In the electricity filed, wood will be heated both inside and outside at the same time, the vacuum technology allows the wood drying process to be carried out under vacuum wet conditions and at a low temperature, which will ensure there is no cracks and keep the wood to be nature color. Meanwhile our machine is equipped with hydraulic system on the top, it can offer 6 tons pressure during whole drying process. That will ensure no warping there.

Long Preparation And Hard To Control The Drying Quality

In using a conventional drying kiln, the preparation period is quite long before you can really dry the wood, and the operation is also complicated. In addition, the wood drying quality is easily influenced by the operation of workers. While in using MNS kiln, it has simple structure and integrated design which is easy to install, and it is also equipped with the clear and easy to control board, which can ensure stable and reliable drying results with little request of operations.

Due To The Long Drying Cycle, The Funds Cannot Be Turned Over

Cash flow is very important for the company, especially in wood industry, the earlier you make wood to wood products, the faster you get money. As proved by the performances, HF vacuum dryer offer a significant reduction in drying times. it takes only one tenth time of the traditional ways, so Out-turn percentage of timber has increased, your cash flow is more stable.


The following are the Customer Cases of the dried by our wood drying kiln.

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Wood Drying Time Chart

backed by decades of experience in timber drying

Location Wood Species Wood Size Wood Density Initial Moisture Content Moisture conten after Drying Drying Time
Tanzania, Uganda Africa
Thickness 50-70 mm Length 1-6 Meters
MC 40%-50%
MC 8%-10%
5 Days
Teak、Indonesian Pinewood、Indonesian Rosewood
Thickness 50-50 mm Length 2-3 Meters
MC 40%-50%
MC 8%-10%
4-5 Days
Oak Wood
Thickness 75-100 mm Length 1-3 Meters
MC 50%
MC 10%
8-10 Days
8-10 Days
Eastern Cottonwood
Thickness 70mm Length 4000-5000mm Width 600-1000mm
MC 75%
MC 8%
4 Days
New Zealand
New Zealand
Thickness 50*50 mm Length 2-8 Meters
0.415 - 0.545 g/cm3
MC 60%-70%
MC 20%
4-5 Days
Burmese Teak
Thickness 25mm
MC 18-20%
MC 10-12%
2 Days
Black Walnut
Thickness 100*120 mm Length 2-3 Meters
MC 50%-60%
MC 18%-20%
8 Days

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MNS is not only an experienced manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience. He also adopted sophisticated manufacturing equipment and professional production lines to ensure the high quality of the vacuum dryer machine.

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MNS has a technical team of more than 10 people who are all experienced professors in the wood drying field. The rich experience of the technician will assist in solving all the problems during your wood drying process.

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MNS is sales team has more than 15 years of international trade experience, which will ensure no worries about importing issues.

After-Sales Service

MNS offers full working-life after-sale service and a 24/7 online service to solve all your questions.

After-Sales Service

  1. Provide users with important technical information for operation and maintenance. Combining with the network and remotely.
  2. Provide technical and business training for equipment installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. When necessary, experienced engineering and technical personnel could be sent to provide on-site technical services in time .
  3. After receiving the user’s complain of the quality problem , It is guaranteed to reply within 24 hours and provide a solution within 48 hours, and the service will not stop if the user is not satisfied with the solution
  4. Easy to install and start, taking only a few hours to get the program up and running  
  5. When used properly, machine parts are rarely damaged
  6. Lifetime after-sales service

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Drying Kiln:The Ultimate Guide

3 Phase 380V 50HZ, Can be customized to local electrical requirements, for example. 3 Phase 480V /60Hz; 3 Phase 240V/60Hz; 3 Phase 400V/50Hz; Single Phase 120V/240V/60Hz.

MNS dryers come in a variety of capacities to provide you with the best capacity for your wood size and drying output; typically, 3-21 square (1400bf – 9200bf) of wood can be stored.

Installation of our equipment is simple, and we will provide you with installation manuals and videos for your convenience; our professional engineers and technicians will provide prompt on-site installation and technical support as needed.

 Any size, thickness, and wood type that you want to dry.

You don’t have to worry about cracking and deformation at all, because my wood drying kiln operates in a vacuum state, so that the moisture of the dried wood evaporates from the inside to the outside, so there is no need to worry about cracking and deformation.

A wood dryer can help you quickly drain excess moisture from the wood, making your money flow more smoothly

MNS’s wood drying kiln is a very environmentally friendly product, don’t need to burn a boiler, it only needs electricity to run

The air in the furnace is evacuated by a vacuum pump, and the wood is dried in vacuum mode, so that the dried wood will not have any defects

The dehumidification kiln can only remove the water vapor on the surface of the wood, so the dehumidification kiln cannot dry the wood into the wood you want

High-frequency vacuum kiln is currently the fastest drying kiln on the market. Its drying environment is to dry wood by high-frequency generator under vacuum.
High Frequency: 6.78Mhz Wavelength: 10-100m
Microwave frequency: 915Mhz Wavelength: 10-100CM
So its drying speed is the fastest.


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